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For aching muscles and stiffness.
Can help to relieve swelling and provide pain relief.


HEAT for aching muscles and stiffness.

COLD for pain relief and swelling.

• Suitable for sports injuries.

• Heat in microwave or place in freezer.

• Reusable - simply reheat or freeze again.
• Adjustable fitting pouch.


Protek Reusable Hot & Cold Pack with Pouch

Out of Stock
  • Flat gel pack - 13 x 26 cm

    Polyester Fitting pouch with elasticated strap



    This product can cause burns. Avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin. Take care when removing from the microwave oven. The product contains gel. If the bag breaks and fluid contacts the skin or eyes, cease using the product and flush contact area with water. Do not ingest contents. Do not overheat. Inspect at regular intervals and discard if found worn or damaged. Clean only in accordance with the instructions. For microwave, saucepan and freezer use only.

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