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Protek™ supports are designed to help with the alleviation of pain and the treatment of a wide range of sprains, strains and other injuries related to sports, lifestyle, or occupational activities.


Launched in the UK by Lightwing Marketing in 2016, the Protek™ brand is a registered trademark and is available widely across 14 different countries. Serving pharmacies and healthcare professionals, our aim is to offer excellence in design, quality and function across our products.


Our basic selection of orthopaedic supports is complimented by a steadily expanding range of specialist products to treat many conditions and injuries. We will be adding several new lines in 2024 and look forward to announcing those soon.


For any further details, advice and enquiries please contact

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All our Orthopaedic Supports are Class 1 Medical Devices officially registered
with the UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

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