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Provides support for a weak or injured neck.

Helps to immobilise neck and aid recovery.

Extra soft foam with breathable fabric outer.

Anatomical design for all-day comfort.


• Everyday use.

• Lightweight.
• Hook & loop fitting tab.

• Breathable.


NB: Seek assistance if you experience difficulties in fitting the neck collar alone.
1.  Measure the circumference of the neck and choose the appropriate  
      size collar according to the size chart.
2.  Look straight ahead and keep your chin parallel to the floor.

3.  Fit the collar snugly around your neck.
4.  Attach the fastener at the back of your neck to ensure a tight but  
     comfortable fit.
5.  Make sure that you can breathe comfortably.
6.  If the collar feels too tight, readjust the fastening point.


Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent injuries and use the Soft Foam Collar as directed by your doctor.  Contact your doctor if the following develop:


· Intense pain
· Increased swelling
· Numbness or dizziness

· Fever
· Your condition worsens
· New symptoms develop


Ask your doctor how long you should wear the Soft Foam Neck Collar. Prolonged use should be avoided. As your pain gets better, you may be able to remove the collar for a short time each day. This time will increase until you no longer need the collar.

Use of the Foam Neck Collar should be part of a wider treatment regimen that may include physical therapy and medicinal treatments.

On rare occasions a person may be sensitive to the materials used in the manufacture of this device. If discomfort or a rash occurs during use cease using the device and if irritation persists seek medical advice.

Washing instructions – hand wash in lukewarm water (max 30°C) using a mild detergent and air dry.

Protek Soft Foam Neck Collar

  • Grey

    Soft foam inner with fabric covering

    80% Foam, 15% Cotton, 5% Polyester

  • (Measure around neck)

    Small            28-37cm (11 - 15”)
    Medium        37 -47cm (15 - 18”)
    Large            47-53cm (18 - 21”


    Free UK delivery


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